M.Div. Psy.D.

Kevin McClone

Keep your face always toward the sunshine–and shadows will fall behind you.

-Walt Whitman

Dr. McClone's New Book

The Road to Joy

Eight Pathways of Psychospiritual Transformation

In The Road to Joy, Dr. Kevin McClone invites us to join him in a personal and professional journey exploring eight core psychospiritual pathways that lay the foundation for more joyful living. Inspired by the death of his beloved wife, Grace Chen-McClone, this book seeks to integrate core pathways of psychospiritual transformation. Each chapter explores one pathway in depth, utilizing psychological and spiritual sources, and ends with concrete practical action plans. McClone draws heavily from psychology research and spirituality embedded in various spiritual and mystical traditions including the wisdom rooted in the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Welcome! I am a licensed clinical psychologist, certified alcohol and drug counselor, consultant and certified chaplain who has worked for over twenty-five years as clinician, consultor, and workshop presenter. For the past fifteen years I have been the Director of the Institute for Sexuality Studies located in Chicago.  I have been a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally on topics related to healthy intimacy, addiction recovery, building healthy relationships, emotional intelligence and coping with loss and grief.  I have also written numerous articles on topics such as the Psychospirituality of Change and Growth, Healthy Intimacy and Affective Maturity, Psychospirituality of Addiction and Male Intimacy.

Sometimes the challenges of life can be burdensome, and we struggle to cope effectively whether at work, home, or inside of ourselves.  I will strive to support you in the process of maximizing your strengths while helping you create a more fulfilling life with regards to work, love and play.

My approach to treatment is integrative: I don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy.  I use a wide variety of treatment methods, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relationship-centered therapy.  I value creating a collaborative relationship with all my clients targeting their deepest needs and aspirations, while fostering change and growth.  The feedback I’ve received is that my clients find me to be a good listener who is easy to talk with, supportive, non-judgmental and insightful.  I am always looking to be authentic and I take great pride in knowing that people experience our relationship in these ways.  This is the tone I want to set for our work together. It is through cultivating a relationship rooted in these qualities that insight, skill development, acceptance and change can emerge and be sustained.

What Others Say

“As a clinical psychologist Kevin is a thorough professional with the unique ability to combine professional skills with a compassionate heart. As one who listens to vulnerable people, he has the ability to create an atmosphere of safety and security which encourages the client to bring what is in the darkness out into the light. “

Kevin McClone is an outstanding professor who is always willing to go the extra mile for his students. He is thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable, and motivated to provide an excellent educational environment. It was a pleasure to have Kevin as a colleague.”

“Dr. McClone has written a number of outstanding articles for Human Development magazine. He is a clear and cogent writer and never fails to deliver a project in a timely manner. His writing reflects his broad and insightful perspective on human sexuality and psychological growth.”